Bala's statement on removal from Varmaa!

Considering Star Kid's Future Director Bala Ends It All

Considering Star Kid's Future Director Bala Ends It All

Bala wants to end all this considering Dhruv Vikram's future.

"From the initial stage of this project, B Studios was given full liberty to make decisions on the changes and choices pertaining to the remake of Telugu film, Arjun Reddy, titled as Varmaa in Tamil".

Recently the film industry had witnessed a huge shock as director Bala's version of Dhruv's debut Varmaa was scrapped and the production house E4 entertainment which was unhappy with Bala's version had announced that a new version will be made with a new director targeting a June release. The director also voluntarily waived all the payment E4 Entertainment was supposed to give to his production house B Studios.

But based on Bala's statement and the agreement he had signed with Mukesh, it looks like the producer of Varmaa is going to only enhance the already delivered version of Bala.

Now director Bala has made an official press release stating that it was his personal decision to relieve himself from the project for creative freedom and not as said by the producer falsely. The director said, "I am forced to release this explanation, due to the false statement from the producer of Varmaa".

"We at E4 Entertainment are not at all happy with the final version handed over to us and due to various creative and other differences, we have decided not to release this version". There is no clarity on whether the filmmaker has agreed to helm the movie.

The makers have announced that the new cast and crew will be announced shortly. The sources say that the producers of Varmaa and Vikram are planning to rope Gautham Menon to direct Varmaa. We know how he had a special place in shaping up Vikram's career with critically acclaimed movies.

In a statement on Thursday, E4 Entertainment had said that it plans to re-shoot the entire film with Dhruv in the lead, but with a different cast and crew, including the director.