Texas Confirms 6 Measles Cases During 2019

Health officials NYS should consider removing religious exemption for vaccinations

Health officials NYS should consider removing religious exemption for vaccinations

The best way to prevent measles infection is with 2 doses of the MMR vaccine.

The case is the seventh in Texas in recent days.

The announcement of this case in North Texas comes after 31 cases of measles were reported last month in Portland, Oregon, most of which occurred in children under the age of 10.

The DSHS is encouraging health care providers in the Houston area to consider a diagnosis of measles for patients showing symptoms after five cases were confirmed this week. Israel and Ukraine are now dealing with large outbreaks of measles. As a highly contagious infection, measles can live in an airspace where an infected person was for up to two hours.

Kids can also start getting the flu vaccine at 6 months of age.

The Oregon person who tested positive January 25 had been in contact with someone from southwest Washington in Clark County, who was contagious with measles.

Multnomah County's communicable disease team checks in daily with people suspected of being exposed to measles to make sure they can work and do other normal life responsibilities without infecting other people. "In a sense, we already saw that in 2018, but it looks like cases may pick up more in 2019".

Symptoms include fever, dry cough, runny nose, sore throat, inflamed eyes (conjunctivitis), tiny white spots with bluish-white centers on a red background found inside the mouth on the inner lining of the cheek, and a skin rash made up of large, flat blotches that often flow into one another.

"Our vaccination rates are not so low that I think we are going to be like Italy or Romania that had thousands of cases past year but we could have a few hundred cases", Ludke said. One case was reported in Montgomery County, according to ABC 13, and another was in Bell County, KCentTV reported.

"I want to back up everything Chris Bischoff said about vaccination", commented Skamokawa resident Boone Mora, a retired public health doctor.

The measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine is recommended for children because it protects against three potentially serious viral illnesses.