OR measles cases rises to 4 as Vancouver-area reaches 50

An informational sign about the measles is posted in the entrance of the Kaiser Permanente Cascade P

An informational sign about the measles is posted in the entrance of the Kaiser Permanente Cascade P

It's so contagious that it can live in an air space for two hours. Washington and NY, which has seen about 200 people infected with measles in recent months, are the only states with current outbreaks, the agency says. Measles can also cause pregnant women to give birth prematurely or deliver a low-birth weight baby.

Meanwhile, Ukraine had the highest rate of measles cases in Europe, at 1,209 per one million population - 10 times the country's rate in 2017.

The confirmed case of measles is in a child residing in Western Bell County. Measles infection can have serious complications such as pneumonia, seizures and encephalitis (inflammation of the brain).

The measles outbreak reported in the northwest has made its way to Texas.

In the United Kingdom, there were 953 measles cases past year. Most people born before 1978 have had measles infection and will not get measles again. Three times as many people have gotten vaccinated in January - from 200 per day in 2018 to 600 per day in 2019.

While families in Madagascar have difficulty accessing the measles vaccine, outbreaks in Europe and the US are often linked to vaccine hesitancy - the reluctance of parents to vaccinate their children because of unfounded fears about the treatment.

Measles, a highly contagious viral disease common among children, causes a rash and high fever. The outbreak in Clark County has been concentrated mostly among unvaccinated children. Concern over the vaccine can be traced back to a 1998 paper by former doctor Andrew Wakefield, who falsely linked the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine to autism.

"Vaccination is the most effective way to prevent measles", Denton County public health director Dr. Matt Richardson said in a written statement.

The orders represent only state-supplied vaccines requested through the federal Vaccines for Children program, which provides free immunizations to children who otherwise couldn't afford them. Health officials say the shots are safe and effective, providing about 93 percent protection with one dose and 97 percent with two doses. Julie Graham, a public information officer with the Health Department, said those reports are inaccurate. There have been calls in recent years for Canada to start a national registry to help officials keep better track of vaccination rates.