Stranded seals wreak havoc in Canadian town

Canadian town suffers seal invasion

Canadian town suffers seal invasion

Dozens of seals were trapped ashore in the Canadian town of Roddickton-Bide Arm on the island of Newfoundland, blocking auto traffic and entrances to homes and businesses.

Garry Stenson, lead scientist for the department's marine mammals section, said officials were in Roddickton on Wednesday to count the animals and assess the conditions before coming up with a new plan. Fitzgerald said more should be done to protect the animals and return them to their habitat. It is relatively unusual to find a group of that size on shore, he said, but not unheard of.

She says that the seals are common enough in the town that residents likely to encounter one when they leave for a walk or a drive.

"They've been saying let nature take its course, but it's been nearly a week", Fitzgerald said.

She said that the town has seen seals before - it's relatively common for a handful of seals to get disoriented after a local cove freezes over, disorienting the seals and temporarily causing them wander into the nearby town. "The seals are in my driveway, ' or 'The seals, I see them suffering"'.

Fitzgerald said the town is working with Canadian authorities to relocate the seals.

"In the beginning, they were kind of aggressive", Fitzgerald says, recalling how the wild seals would bark at onlookers. "It could potentially impact people's health and well-being", she said. He also posted images of the two dead seals on the road.

"This is disturbing for the residents to watch", Fitzgerald said.

Two of the animals have died after being struck by a auto and there are concerns others will starve to death.

Locals can call the DFO to relocate seals that are in precarious positions or to report humans harassing the lost seals, the agency announced on Twitter.

"They're looking around now to try and determine exactly how many seals are there, both in that area as well as in surrounding areas, and whereabouts they are", he said. "These seals - as cute as they are - can't stay as residents in our village because there's not a food supply through the winter".