Liverpool boss Klopp: Beating Brighton our most mature performance

Jurgen Klopp

Jurgen Klopp

Rio Ferdinand hit the headlines for his controversial comments about Newcastle United on Saturday evening but lost amongst it all was his suggestion to Jurgen Klopp as to how Liverpool can win the Premier League.

The run-in can not possibly start in January and yet, with Liverpool having faced Manchester City twice, what else is left but for the Merseyside club to navigate their way through games that they have the nous to win.

The Reds boss insisted his side don't "speak about the games before" but acknowledged the importance in terms of regaining momentum. Whoever wins the league will look back on some games and go "do you know what, we probably weren't at our best there, and that was probably one that helped us turn one point into three or zero into one".

"It's not that Brighton had one attack after the other - we had the ball most of the time so it makes sense to have a good footballer in that position".

"Especially the City game was an open game and you can not a week later, only because you lose then against Wolverhampton and your manager makes 10 changes or whatever, start talking about losing football games or whatever".

"We hope we are here to stay; that's the main objective, keep winning the games and keep on top because that's where we are right now", said Robertson.

"I'm completely happy even with the way we did it because I saw pretty early in the game that it was a harsh one, really tough that we would come through". The creating was OK but finishing, we were not at our best. Today was not a bad day, but it was a hard game for us. "All the rest - defending and all that stuff - was really good and so we deserved the three points".