‘Game of Thrones’ final season to premiere on April 14

Here's why Sansa is truly Ned Stark's daughter

Here's why Sansa is truly Ned Stark's daughter

HBO has finally released Game of Thrones 8 teaser and fans can't keep calm.

The final season will commence April 14, so mark it in your calendar. Season eight premieres April 14 - which means you have 90 days to recap all the previous seasons in anticipation of the grand finale. Go!

It also included a quick teaser from the upcoming show, which fans have no doubt been eagerly awaiting.

HBO chief Richard Plepler has described the GOT " s six-episode eighth season as consisting of "six movies".

It's official! This April is going to be a memorable one to say the least.

They each pass the statues of Ned and Catelyn Stark as viewers here voiceovers from both of the beloved characters from seasons past.

The showrunners have kept plot points close to their chest, but the most recent teaser reveals Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) meeting Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) for the first time in the show's run. "#ForTheThrone." The video clip shows Jon Snow, Sansa and Arya - three members of the Stark family - making their way through the crypts under their family home. They then come upon memorial statues of themselves as the crypt begins to turn icy cold, presumably as the Night King nears.

However, we won't know what's in store for the Starks-as well as the villains we love to hate like Cersei Lannister-until this spring, when HBO releases the final episodes in this story, for now.