Closs kidnapping, homicide suspect lived under the radar

Jayme Closs 13

Jayme Closs 13

Their bodies were found October 15 after a mysterious 911 call led deputies to their home in Barron, Wisconsin.

Jeanne Nutter was walking her golden retriever with her husband Forrest on January 10 when they came came across Jayme Closs-the 13-year-old from Wisconsin who was abducted in October 2018.

"The suspect had specific intentions to kidnap Jayme and went to great lengths to prepare to take her", said Fitzgerald.

Patterson went to the Closs home outside Barron, Wisconsin, with the intention of taking Jayme, Fitzgerald said.

Investigators are working to establish a connection and don't believe Patterson and Jayme interacted on social media.

The Patterson family moved to Gordon about 15 years ago and Jake and Erik were raised there and attended Minong High School, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

There's no evidence Patterson knew the Closses or had previous contact with them, the sheriff said.

While authorities are still trying to determine the motive behind the kidnapping, more details about Patterson have emerged.

Detectives believe Closs was held by suspected abductor, Jake Thomas Petterson, 21, in a rural cabin near where she was spotted, and about 60 miles from her family home in Barron.

Kate Raddatz spoke with a victim specialist at the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center to find out why Jayme's case is so meaningful. They say she was "the only target". A 911 call was placed from Denise Closs's cell phone.

Elizabeth Smart posted on Instagram after Closs was found calling her fearless, strong and a powerful survivor.

Local, state and federal investigators searched for the teen for months. The FBI offered a cash reward for information on her whereabouts, and authorities urged hunters in the area to be on the lookout for clues.

Jayme was skinny, dishevelled and wearing shoes too big for her when she approached a stranger and pleaded for help on Thursday in the isolated town of Gordon, about 100 km north from her hometown of Barron.

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Jayme told one of the neighbours in Gordon who took her in that she had walked away from a cabin where she had been held captive.

"I'm lost and I don't know where I am, and I need help", Jayme told Nutter, the woman told the station. Her child protective instincts took charge and she brought the girl to the home of Kristen Kasinskas, a neighbor of the Nutters.

"She just yelled, 'Please help me!"

Shortly after law enforcement came for Jayme, they arrested Patterson in his vehicle, while he apparently was looking for the girl. Smith added. She said her sister and brother-in-law can "rest at peace", adding: "I keep assuring them Jayme is safe and we will make sure forever".

Despite Erik Patterson's criminal record, few across the township seem to have heard of his family.

Her alleged captor, 21-year-old Jake Patterson, was soon captured driving nearby.

Another Aunt, Sue Allard, said she could barely express her joy after learning the news.

Closs was released from a Minnesota hospital Friday and is staying in Barron, Wisconsin, with an aunt.

"She is doing great", Fitzgerald told CNN's "Anderson Cooper Full Circle".

"Jayme is the hero in this case".

When deputies arrested him, he was out looking for Jayme, Fitzgerald said.

"There is a reunification process in place going on right now that includes medical mental evaluation, questioning by detectives and Federal Bureau of Investigation agents, and then reunification with family".

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