Rejecting Brexit would be catastrophic

Rejecting Brexit would be catastrophic

Rejecting Brexit would be catastrophic

The Scottish Government has written to all MPs in Westminster, urging them to reject Theresa May's Brexit deal when it is put to a vote on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd said she is "committed" to ensuring that the United Kingdom does not leave without a deal.

Writing in the Sunday Express, Mrs May said: "You, the British people, voted to leave".

Britain is expected to leave the European Union on March 29, with the parliament yet to vote on a final departure deal.

"The Scottish Government is today setting out our view of the steps that have to be taken this week, to protect Scotland and the UK from the disaster of both the UK Government's bad Brexit deal and a no deal outcome".

"Secondly, nearly exactly a year later there was a general election in which the two big parties explicitly promised in their manifestos that a vote for their parties was a vote to deliver Brexit".

"Some of you put your trust in the political process for the first time in decades".

"So my message to Parliament this weekend is simple: It is time to forget the games and do what is right for our country".

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As Theresa May warns MPs that failing to deliver Brexit would be a "catastrophic breach of trust in democracy", Nigel Farage names three reasons why she's right.

Her stark warning came as Downing Street said it was "extremely concerned" about a backbench plot to change Commons rules to enable backbench motions to take precedence over Government business if Mrs May's deal falls.

Under the rebels' plan, reported in the Sunday Times, the government could lose control of parliamentary business, which could threaten Brexit legislation and its ability to govern.

The news comes as former Conservative prime minister Sir John Major called for Mrs May to halt Brexit, as it would be "morally reprehensible" to leave without a deal.

It was not possible for the minority Tory administration to control what happened in parliament, and Speaker John Bercow had shown that he was "willing to frustrate the government at every opportunity", he said.

Without a deal, Britain faces an abrupt break from the European Union on March 29, and there are fears it could involve chaotic scenes at borders, ports and airports.

'We'd be in a stronger position, then, to continue the negotiations as an independent third country'.

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