Lexus LC Convertible Concept is likely headed for production

Lexus LC Convertible Concept is likely headed for production

Lexus LC Convertible Concept is likely headed for production

An open-air roadster that is an artful reflection of the LC coupe, the design goal of the Convertible Concept was the expression of "ultimate beauty". The LC wouldn't be the first convertible to lose its elegance as soon as it raised the lid. Well, the Japanese luxury brand is whetting your appetites with the LC Convertible concept, debuting at the upcoming North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit. If you ask us, the initial pictures look like this is ready to ship. Looking at the concept in some more detail, the rake of the windshield to the smooth contours of the rear decklid where the top is stored were all designed to create an "emotional response", as Lexus puts it.

The Lexus LC works quite well as a stunning halo vehicle for the Japanese brand, and we're big fans of the coupe's design, both inside and out.

We'd be doubtful, if it wasn't for the absence of a compelling cabrio in Lexus' current line-up, and indeed the automaker's track record in taking concept cars and building production cars out of them.

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Power is expected to be the same as the regular production LC, which uses a 5.0-liter V8 to make 471 horsepower.

The interior has been outfitted with white leather trim, while yellow accent stitching adds a bit of color to the otherwise monochrome theme. 22-inch wheels and a wide stance help there, but really it's testament to Lexus' designers original handiwork that the whole thing works so well.

Lexus has provided the strongest hint yet that a convertible version of its stunning LC coupe is in the pipeline with the reveal of the LC Convertible concept. There's no mistaking which one Mori is referring to when he talks about how drivers would "hear its engine when you start it up and feel everything around you once on the road", however. "It would engage the senses in a way that is unique and exciting every time you get behind the wheel", said Mori-san.

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