Google Is Officially Killing Chromecast Audio

Google Is Officially Killing Chromecast Audio

Google Is Officially Killing Chromecast Audio

It's possible Google could address this gap by adding an audio-out port to future Google Home products, but it's given no indication it plans to do so. A few hours after the report, Google issued an official statement. the company said: "Our product portfolio continues to evolve, and now we have a variety of products for users to enjoy audio". Once that has been depleted, the Chromecast Audio dongle will be cast into the sands of time. Following the Reddit post, Google has confirmed to Android Police that it stopped manufacturing Chromecast Audio, though it will continue to offer device support for existing customers. According to a support representative from Google that got in contact with them, the order was canceled as a result of the Chromecast Audio being discontinued. As nice as the Google Home Max is, it's no replacement for a proper set of hi-fi speakers.

Not sure why you would want Chromecast Audio? They're normally $35, but they're now discounted to $15. Once the stock of the Chromecast Audio finished at any retailer, it wasn't replenished.

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The Google Store is out of stock at the moment and we're not seeing any other outlets to snag a Chromecast Audio for the awesome $15 it's been on the Google Store, but if we do, we'll be sure to let everyone know.

While the Chromecast Audio provided limited functionality, it did give an option to audiophiles who own expensive speakers to turn their Rs 1 lakh speaker setup into a smart speaker on the cheap. I've used a Chromecast Audio since it launched with a pair of Polk bookshelf speakers.

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