Reports suggest Amazon is developing a game streaming service

The Amazon logo in a building in the downtown district

The Amazon logo in a building in the downtown district

The Information reports that Amazon is putting together a game streaming service that will beam titles from the cloud right to your devices, so you can play without installing them, or even owning a powerful machine to run them.

According to a report by The Information [Paywall], the plans are already in motion, with Amazon reportedly now negotiating with game publishers to be able to distribute their titles through its service.

Streaming game services represent the latest evolution in video games, which have transitioned over the years from cartridges to discs and, more often than not, digital downloads.

The service will see Amazon compete with Google - which is now testing its Project Stream service in the United States - as well as Microsoft, which is building its own platform, hardware maker Nvidia, and publisher Electronic Arts.

Amazon is looking to get into game streaming, joining its tech titan contemporaries Microsoft and Google, according to a report from The Information.

Then there's Nvidia's GeForce Now, Team Green's streaming service that currently in beta form, but available for folks to sign up to if they have a decent internet connection. It offers tools through its cloud computing division, Amazon Web Services, to help developers build games.

Of course, Amazon hasn't confirmed that it's working on such a service, so the pair of folks running their mouths might be barking up the wrong tree.