Israel fires missiles towards Damascus airport: Syria state media

Syrian air defense systems intercept Israeli missiles in the skies near Damascus late

Syrian air defense systems intercept Israeli missiles in the skies near Damascus late

The attack took place at 11:15 pm it said.

According to the military source, the Syrian air defenses were "immediately" engaged overnight after a number of Israeli fighter jets came "from the direction of the Galilee (and) fired several missiles towards the vicinity of Damascus".

"The results of the aggression so far were limited to a strike on one of the warehouses at Damascus airport", the Arab country's SANA news agency reported, quoting an unnamed military source as saying. Another official told SANA traffic at the airport had not been disrupted.

An AFP correspondent in Damascus heard several loud explosions late on Friday, the global news agency said.

Many of them have been in the area south of Damascus.

At the time, Syrian air defence systems also managed to intercept most of the missiles which SANA reported were launched by Israeli warplanes from Lebanese air space.

Israeli officials made no statement on Friday's reports, but seldom comment on alleged strikes.

Israeli warplanes last struck targets in Syria on Christmas Day. Russia's Ministry of Defense, which did not specify which flights had been threatened, added that Syrian air defenses had destroyed 14 of 16 Israeli missiles launched by six F-16 jets against unspecified targets near Damascus.

Israel has accused Iran of seeking to establish a military presence in Syria that could threaten Israeli security and attempting to transfer advanced weaponry to the Hezbollah terror group in Lebanon.

In September, a Russian transport aircraft was accidentally downed by Syrian ground batteries in a friendly-fire incident that Moscow blamed on Israel.

An Israeli official said it was Syrian air defenses that endangered the civilian planes, by firing 30 missiles in response to the airstrike.