Eddie Murphy finally ready to make 'Coming to America 2'

It's Official: Eddie Murphy Will Star In COMING TO AMERICA 2

It's Official: Eddie Murphy Will Star In COMING TO AMERICA 2

The excitement that surrounds these rumors is a testament to our enduring love for Eddie Murphy, while the fact that they nearly ever pan out is a testament to just how hard it is to get him to sign onto a new project.

It is hoped that the sequel will reunite the original Coming To America cast, including Arsenio Hall as Akeem's sidekick Semmi, Shari Headley as his love interest Lisa, John Amos as Lisa's dad and James Earl Jones as his own father, the king.

According to Deadline, Coming To America 2 will find Eddie Murphy returning to his role as Prince Akeem.

The writers of the original film, Barry Blaustein and David Sheffield, have written a script for the sequel, and it's now undergoing rewrites by Kenya Barris of Black-ish. Brewer is best known for directing Hustle & Flow, Black Snake Moan, and the Footloose remake, though he's also helmed episodes of Empire and The Shield. However, since he is a prince he must go undercover in Queens to meet the woman of his dreams.

There's nothing further to report at this time, but Deadline says Coming to America 2 is expected to go into production sometime this year. Murphy was already excited to work with Brewer again.

Coming To America 2 will follow the story of Prince Akeem's return to America after discovering that he has a long lost son. Barris rewrote a script by the original film's writers Barry Blaustein and David Sheffield and remains onboard as an executive producer. "We've assembled a great team that will be led by Craig Brewer, who just did an awesome job on Dolemite, and I'm looking forward to bringing all these classic and beloved characters back to the big screen", said Eddie Murphy in a statement. "From Hustle and Flow to his work with Eddie on Dolemite Is My Name, he never fails to blow me away".

FYI, if you think you know the original film inside and out, we urge you to take our quiz.