Alert bus driver rescues one-year-old abandoned on busy road

A Milwaukee bus driver went above the call of duty when she stopped to save an unlikely would-be passenger: a toddler.

In yet another case of missing children, a Milwaukee-based bus driver rescued a baby girl, who was found wandering alone on the side of a freeway overpass.

The barefoot tot, seen wearing only a red onesie and diaper in the below-freezing temperatures, was scurrying alone along the overpass.

Irena simply said she was grateful to be able to help, according to the statement.

Ivic stopped her bus and darted across the busy street to pick up the child, who was crying. "I am shaking" several times as she enters the bus with the child in her arms.

"Oh my God. Oh my God".

Ivic sat talking to the coat-swaddled child, stroking her hair.

The Milwaukee County Transit System says the boy was less than a year old and wearing only a diaper and a onesie when bus driver Irena Ivic spotted him on December 22. Authorities say the child was cold and frightened, but otherwise OK. Police said her mother left her outside, and might have been experiencing a mental health crisis.

Police eventually reunited the baby with his father.