Airport Authority Offers Federal Workers Free Lunches During Government Shutdown

TSA officers at Logan Airport

TSA officers at Logan Airport

Because of lags in pay cycles, TSA workers are set to miss their first paycheck on Friday. That's about 3 percent of the roughly 450 flights that depart each day.

"The impact on air travelers has been relatively limited with no significant disruptions".

"You go to work expecting to get paid", said TSA officer Mike Gayzagian. "We certainly have to be mindful of the potential for cascading operational impacts".

The Miami airport, which has intensified the debate over TSA with its concourse closure, is not yet considering privatizing its passenger-screening operation, a spokesman said.

"I get nervous on flights and having them there really makes there makes me feel more comfortable", said Kyle Gorman. On Friday, hundreds of thousands of other federal workers missed their first paycheck of the year due to the shutdown, as President Donald Trump continued to demand billions in funding for a border wall.

Chin said Terminal G will close at 1 p.m. Saturday, reopen for flights Sunday morning and close again at 1 p.m. that day.

The air traffic controllers are also organizing a leafleting effort appealing directly to passengers at airports across the country, including in Dallas Atlanta, Seattle and Portland, Ore., as well as at Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia, a union official said. For example, Alaska Airlines has warned that without FAA officials to sign off, the new Paine Field Airport near Seattle may not be able to open as promised on February 11. Their work is not getting done, he said.

The lawsuit filed by the National Air Traffic Controllers Association union charges that Trump, the Federal Aviation Administration and other US officials are violating workers' constitutional rights by "depriving them of their hard-earned compensation without the requisite due process".

The named plaintiffs in the suit include single mom Amanda Fuchs, who says that without her paycheck, she can't afford needed physical therapy and her family won't be able to attend her recently deceased grandmother's funeral.

About 10,000 air traffic controllers under the Federal Aviation Administration continue to work without pay.

"It's hard to predict when that will happen", Gilbert said. The agency is focusing on ensuring its resources are devoted to ensure that the system remains safe, it said in a statement. And they don't know if they will get back pay.

"TSA officers are among the lowest paid federal employees, with many living pay cheque to pay cheque", he wrote.

With more federal security screeners refusing to work without pay, Miami International Airport plans to cut off access to one of its terminals over the weekend in order to send TSA workers to busier checkpoints, a spokesman said Thursday night.

- This Friday would typically be a payday for federal employees but it's going to be just another day as the shutdown drags into its third week.