No-Deal Brexit Benefits Terrorists Only, Northern Ireland’s Ex-Police Chief Warns

MPs defeat May government over no-deal Brexit

MPs defeat May government over no-deal Brexit

Ireland's Foreign Affairs Minister has denied meddling in United Kingdom politics, insisting he has an obligation to challenge those "misrepresenting" what the Brexit deal contains.

McDonald's statement is consistent with the message given by France's Europe minister, Nathalie Loiseau, who said on Tuesday that "there's nothing more [the EU] can do" than restate its position that the backstop would only be used as a last resort and until a new trade deal came into force.

According to a report from the BBC, "MPs have backed measures created to thwart preparations for a no-deal Brexit, by defeating the government in the House of Commons".

Sir Hugh Orde said a no-deal Brexit would only be a benefit to dissident republican terrorists.

The government said it was an "inconvenience" but would not stop preparations for leaving the EU.

"This deal will not be renegotiated".

"That is what people representing Northern Ireland should reflect upon when they vote in the next week in the House of Commons whether or not to ratify a deal that solves the vast majority of these issues and allows Ireland to move forward, maintaining and supporting the progress that there has been over the last 20 years".

The clock is ticking for Theresa May to get her deal through Parliament but threats of resignations and mutiny among her backbenchers still loom large.

Mr Campbell, MP for East Londonderry, told reporters that if the Irish government was not clear on the DUP's opposition to the withdrawal agreement before, "they have no doubt now".

"The government has to ensure that all eventualities are covered", he said.

European Union officials familiar with the discussions said they saw little sign of any shift in the position of European Union leaders last month, when they said the agreement could not be renegotiated and they would make no binding commitments that could be construed as altering it.

Opponents of Mrs May's deal, including Boris Johnson and Iain Duncan Smith, have insisted they will not change their minds despite the drinks evening. Critics of May's deal to smooth Britain's passage out of the European Union on 29 March say the backstop could leave Britain subject to European Union rules indefinitely, long after it gives up any say over them.

After chairing the first cabinet meeting of 2019 later, Mrs May will meet a delegation of cross-party MPs who believe that a no-deal exit would be disastrous for British industry, more than 200 of whom have urged her to rule it out.

The Irish Government has rejected any suggestion that a future Stormont executive could veto aspects of the border backstop.

"We may not be convincing Sammy Wilson but that is not the same as not convincing unionism", he said. And I think people are beginning to realise that it's the Prime Minister's deal or there may not be a Brexit'.

Media captionMargot James: "We might have to extend Article 50", but would not give a timescale.

Government sources warned over the weekend of "paralysis" and an effective "shutdown" if the Treasury was stripped of the power to pass regulations relating to "no-deal financial provisions" without parliamentary approval.

"Even if the clause were passed and there was a no-deal Brexit, the system could still function", Andrew Hubbard, a consultant at audit, tax and consulting firm RSM said.