Bernie Sanders apologises for alleged harassment by male staff during 2016 campaign

Sanders Apologizes for Harassment Among 2016 Campaign Staff

Sanders Apologizes for Harassment Among 2016 Campaign Staff

"I intend in every way to be actively involved in that process", Sanders wrote.

The Vermont independent says alleged misconduct by male aides "was absolutely unacceptable and certainly not what a progressive campaign or any campaign should be about". "The allegations speak to unacceptable behavior that must not be tolerated in any campaign or any workplace".

"To the women on my 2016 campaign who were harassed or mistreated, thank you, from the bottom of my heart for speaking out".

He projected more contrition on Thursday, saying that "our standards, our procedures, our safeguards, were clearly inadequate".

He says rhetoric about "ending sexism and ending all forms of discrimination. can not just be words". It must be a reality in our daily lives. "It would have to be much more diverse than was the case in 2016, when it was too male and too white".

Politico reported at the end of 2018 that Sanders aides had called a meeting with the senator to discuss allegations of sexual harassment during the campaign in an attempt to mitigate the damage to a potential future candidacy.

The woman made a decision to go public when Becker contacted her about a potential place in Sanders' possible 2020 campaign for president.

Politico reported late Wednesday that Robert Becker - who oversaw Sanders' 2016 Iowa campaign, then helped lead his efforts in Michigan, California and NY as deputy national field director - allegedly approached a 20-year-old campaign staffer, grabbed her wrists and forcibly kissed her, "putting his tongue in her mouth as he held her". The Vermont senator also said he wasn't aware of a reported $30,000 settlement Becker was named in to resolve a discrimination claim against his 2016 campaign.

Becker, now 50, told the woman he'd always wanted to have sex with her, she and three other witnesses told Politico.

They said that later that evening, "Becker approached the woman and abruptly grabbed her wrists".

The incident was not formally reported at the time because the campaign had concluded.

"Last month, Sen. Sanders said grassroots support would determine whether or not he decides to run for president again", Winnie Wong, co-founder of the People for Bernie, said in a statement, "We are here, and we are ready to support him all the way to finish line". But when Becker recently reached out to her over a potential 2020 Sanders run, she changed her mind and chose to tell top Sanders aides.

Becker has denied any wrongdoing.

"I categorically deny these allegations of improper and unprofessional conduct", said Becker in a statement.

"To be clear: No one who committed sexual harassment in 2016 would be back if there were a 2020 campaign", the group added.

After the 2016 campaign, Weaver served as a spokesperson for the Sanders family during a federal bank fraud investigation into the actions of the senator's wife, Jane O'Meara Sanders, stemming from her tenure as president of Burlington College.