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Doctors have warned of 'mayhem' in the coming weeks despite the improvement

Doctors have warned of 'mayhem' in the coming weeks despite the improvement

"Giving the substantial and growing pressures on the NHS, the announcement of the long-term plan represents an ambitious set of aims for the health service, but this must be underpinned by a strong set of deliverable actions".

The General Medical Council (GMC) suggested the United Kingdom should consider migrant workers in future workforce planning after a poll revealed many doctors were considering quitting the NHS or cutting their hours because they felt stressed or overburdened.

The highly anticipated plan for the long-term future of the NHS has been published, but industry experts have criticised a delay in the details around how a new workforce strategy will support its delivery.

Theresa May hailed the launch of the plan, which sets out how the NHS will use the extra £20.5bn real-terms boost to health spending over the next five years, as "a historic moment". "Only by removing the requirement to put service out to tender, can local systems work together to ensure cohesive patient-centred healthcare", he said.

It will be supported by further investment in the nhs.uk platform, along with the creation of a new framework for digital suppliers to primary care, a review - which will take in the GP payment formula - of digital first practices to ensure they are safe and benefit the NHS, and a review of GP regulation and terms and conditions.

Provide comprehensive mental health support across major A&E departments across the NHS.

The plan also proposes that over the next three years, all staff working in the community will have access to mobile digital services, including their patients' care records, so they can, um, focus on doing their jobs.

Medicines for which NHS spend £16 billion will be a priority area as part of a strengthened efficiency and productivity programme.

'The NHS in England is already short of more than 40,000 nurses and the figure is rising.

The NHS claims nearly half a million more lives will be saved over the next 10 years as a result of the new plan with investment in world-class, cutting-edge treatments including genomic tests for every child with cancer.

The 133-page document says NHS bosses have drawn up "a provisional list of potential legislative changes for parliament's consideration" following invitations to do so from May and MPs on the health and social care select committee.

Recruiting more staff from overseas in order to minimise the damaging impact of chronic NHS understaffing, which it says is "unsustainable".

The plan is due to provide mental health help to 345,000 more youngsters through the expansion of "community based services", including in schools. In particular it is positive to see a much greater focus on children, students, perinatal mental health and community care.

"If we are to truly transform the care we give to patients, and create a sustainable, world-class health service, this long-term plan must deliver beyond grand ambition and address the realities faced by doctors, NHS staff and patients today".

More support for mothers by improving maternity services, more support for parents and carers in the early years of a child's life so we can be the best place in the world - and this country can be the best place to be born, in every sense.

A substantial chunk of the plan focuses on how mental health services will be improved between now and 2029, by improving waiting times, providing a universal helpline for those in crisis, and investing money into services supporting children and young people.

"Too often, those with gambling addiction suffer in silence, which is why we will continue to work closely with the NHS to help make sure there are good links between the services we commission and those commissioned by the NHS".

And we will upgrade urgent care so people can get the right care more quickly.

Paul Farmer, chief executive of Mind, said if the plan is implemented it could make a difference to the lives of thousands of people.