Millionaire Finds Out The Sons He'd Raised For 21 Years Aren't His

Mum pays ex-husband £250,000 after he discovered three sons weren't actually his

Mum pays ex-husband £250,000 after he discovered three sons weren't actually his co-founder Richard Mason, 55, had absolutely no idea he wasn't the boys' dad until he was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis in 2016, during which the doctors told him he was infertile - and had been since birth.

Legal papers seen by The Mail on Sunday revealed that, when she became pregnant with the first child, Mrs Mason declared a sudden interest in Judaism and also insisted all three children were given Jewish middle names.

He has twin sons, aged 19, and another son, 23, who did not give a sample for the DNA test. co-founder Mr Mason was not happy he had been deceived and made a decision to sue her for paternity fraud. Yesterday Mr Mason said the shock of discovering the truth left him contemplating suicide.

It was only in 2016, nearly ten years after they split up, that doctors told him he had cystic fibrosis.

It is not known if Mrs Mason's former lover is aware he has three sons from the on-off relationship.

Mr Mason believes this detail could hint at the biological father's true identity.

A woman, Kate Mason, for 21-years tricked her ex-husband, Richard Mason, into believing he was the father of her three sons.

Mr Mason launched a paternity fraud claim and demanded she pay back some of the £4million divorce settlement which funded their private education, as well as her new life in a seven-bedroom home. However, the bitter dispute has nearly destroyed his relationship with the boys.

Mr Mason, from Rhos, North Wales, no longer sees two of his sons who have stopped contact. He said: "You don't know what's real and what isn't - it's as if I'm living in The Matrix. In it he will offer a financial reward to anyone who can identify the real father", his new wife, Emma, told The Sun. She is my soulmate, and has got me through all this trauma'.