Tourist Carla Stefaniak's murder in Costa Rica was sexually motivated: cops

On Nov. 28 the day that Carla Stefaniak was supposed to fly back to the United States she never showed up at the

On Nov. 28 the day that Carla Stefaniak was supposed to fly back to the United States she never showed up at the

A tragic end to the search in Costa Rica for a missing woman from South Florida.

Carlos Caceido, the father of US tourist Carla Stefaniak who went missing last week, talks about having to identify his daughter's body at the morgue, speaks during a press conference in San Jose, Costa Rica, Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2018.

Her family was finally allowed to see her body late Tuesday night - more than 15 hours after it was found.

On Monday night around 11 p.m., OIJ officials detained a security guard at the apartment complex, 32-year-old Bismarck Espinoza Martínez. "None of us really believe this 5 a.m. story because it really doesn't make sense", Burton told WTVT in a Sunday interview.

Martinez left his homeland in Nicaragua in June to work as a security guard in Costa Rica. Stefaniak was in Apartment No. 8.

Officials later found a partially buried body in woods near the Villa le Mas complex and identified it using fingerprints, the country's Judicial Investigation Department said.

He did reveal that Stefaniak appeared to have several injuries, including a blow to the head.

"Carla's father confirmed that the body belongs to Carla".

Espinoza declined to elaborate about the attack, citing the open case.

"Crime is increasing in Costa Rica and US citizens are frequent victims", according to the US Embassy website. He worked as asecurity guard at the Airbnb where Stefaniak was staying, they said.

Burga told the BBC: "It's a terrible wait, and every single minute that Costa Rican officials are not showing the body is just a tremendous amount of pain on the family".

The body was badly decomposed, making it hard to identify.

"Words can not express the devastation within her family and friends".

"We are really really hoping it [is not her]", said Hallandale Beach resident Laura Jaime, Stefaniak's best friend and former roommate.

Stefaniak's friends and family are left wondering why anyone would want to harm her. It could be an advertisement for a relaxing tropical vacation - except that on November 28, the day that Stefaniak was supposed to fly back to the United States, she never showed up at the airport.

Stefaniak reportedly checked into the flight but never boarded.

Anyone with information in the case is asked to contact the Judiciary Investigative Police in Costa Rica at 800-800-0645 or through WhatsApp at 8800-0645. Costa Rica had 578 homicides in 2016.

Stefaniak was scheduled to fly home alone on Wednesday - a day after her sister-in-law Burton left Costa Rica.

As with her other journeys, Stefaniak posted photos on her Instagram.

Stefaniak's co-workers said she was an excellent employee who could get along with anyone. "Carla is always on the phone". She Facetimed a friend in NY, telling him she was going to ask the security guard to buy her a bottle of water. And she was not there. We will always be with her and we know she will always be with us. "Then they changed the story that it was a taxi at 5:30 a.m".

Stefaniak opted then to stay at a hostel closer to the airport before her flight the next day, her brother, Carlos Caicedo, told WSVN.

The night prior to her flight, Stefaniak took an Uber ride around the town and was dropped off at her Airbnb. But even before she got to the airport, something seemed off - why hadn't she heard from her friend all day?