US, South Korea to hold talks on North's denuclearization

North Korean sends top diplomat to key ally China

North Korean sends top diplomat to key ally China

CNN said while the missile base has always been known to USA intelligence agencies and analysts, the satellite images show construction on a new facility just miles away from the older site that had not been previously publicly identified.

The exclusive footage, obtained by CNN, offers evidence that the Yeongjeo-dong missile base and a nearby, previously unreported, site remain active and have been continually upgraded, highlighting the continuing gulf between Pyongyang and Washington's views on denuclearisation.

Yeongjeo-dong has always been known to U.S. intelligence agencies but researchers at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey told CNN that the construction on a new facility, at Hoejung-ri, seven miles away, had not previously been publicly identified.

North Korea is reportedly still upgrading one of its long-range missile bases.

Experts told CNN that the facility, which has always been familiar to the USA, is a suitable location to receive the North's newest long-range missiles, . including those than can carry nuclear warheads to the US mainland.

"Construction on the previously unidentified site has continued even after the Singapore summit between Kim and Donald Trump in June", Jeffrey Lewis, a nonproliferation expert at the Middlebury Institute, said.

"It is one of North Korea's major facilities that the military has tracked and monitored in coordination with the USA forces", said Joint Chiefs of Staff's spokesperson Col. Roh Jae-chun.

In recent months, North Korea has announced the testing of an unspecified "newly developed ultra-modern weapon" and reports have repeatedly revealed it is continuing to develop its nuclear and missiles programmes.

National Security Advisor John Bolton said Tuesday that Trump thinks the North Korean strongman hasn´t met the commitments he made at the Singapore summit.

But diplomacy has since come to a halt amid disputes over a United States demand that North Korea first produce a full inventory of its nuclear weapons and take other denuclearisation steps before winning significant outside rewards. "Meeting Kim again only validates Kim's strategy of using Trump to play for time and sanctions relief, and keep North Korea on the pathway to becoming a de facto nuclear weapon state", Medeiros told The New York Times.