Turkish President Erdogan slams U.S. sanctions against Venezuela

Maduro announces $6 bn in Russian investments in Venezuela

Maduro announces $6 bn in Russian investments in Venezuela

Washington has imposed sanctions on Venezuelan officials it accuses of corruption, and on certain financial transactions with the Maduro government, which it accuses of violating human rights and triggering an economic meltdown.

President Erdogan of Turkey promised to boost his unlikely alliance with President Maduro of Venezuela during the first state visit of a Turkish president to the South American country.

"Political problems can not be resolved by punishing an entire nation", said the Turkish head of state.

"We do not interfere in the trade of the USA or other countries, nobody should interfere with our commercial and economic activities", he said, stressing that the South American country would continue to legally export its gold resources.

During a visit to Caracas Monday, Erdogan said the Maduro regime is being attacked with acts of sabotage from Washington.

"We are making efforts to diversify and deepen cooperation with Venezuela in every field through win-win understanding", Erdoğan said, while speaking at the Turkey-Venezuela Business Forum alongside his Venezuelan counterpart Nicolas Maduro in the capital Caracas. "We have strong potentials in our economic relations with Venezuela", Erdogan said.

Erdoğan and Maduro will hold bilateral meetings and later the leaders will hold a joint news conference after signing several deals.

Turkey has been at odds with the USA over the restrictive measures against the South American country.

"We need to increase Turkey's exports to Venezuela and we need to make our trade more stable and more sustainable", Erdoğan added.

The sanctions, which target USA individuals and companies trading in Venezuelan gold, were announced by National Security Advisor John Bolton.

The Turkish president accused some "countries and circles", which he did not name, of being behind the assassination attempt on Maduro last August while attending a military parade broadcast on air.

"I'm leaving for Moscow, for a work meeting. with President Vladimir Putin", he said in a brief speech in front of the presidential plane.