Tom Cruise Is Going To War With A Setting On Your TV

TomCruise  Twitter

TomCruise Twitter

Alongside director Chris McQuarrie, he's spoken out against the ills of motion-blurring on high-definition television sets.

The motion smoothing setting is present in almost all TVs incorporating HD and 4K resolution support and is most often left on by default by manufacturers - creating what some lament as the "soap opera" effect.

"The unfortunate side effect is that it makes most movies look like they were shot on high speed video rather than film", Cruise says. It's the feature in your TV that makes things look kind of smooth.

The setting that causes this heinous effect is something called motion smoothing, something that's turned on by default on most new TVs for some reason.

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The video encourages users to search online for how to turn off motion smoothing for their brand of TV in order to watch movies "exactly as the filmmakers intended".

But the message, filmed from the set of Cruise's "Top Gun: Maverick", is delivered with such importance that you'd think the two were campaigning to end world hunger. This will hopefully give viewers more control over how and when to use the feature.

McQuarrie chimed in, expressing his concern about motion smoothing: "If you own a modern high definition television, there's a good chance you're not watching movies the way the film maker intended, and the ability to do so is not simple for you to access".

In his tweet, Cruise wrote that he was "taking a quick break from filming" - he's now at work on the "Top Gun: Maverick" sequel - to address the subject. On an LG TV, motion smoothing takes on the name TruMotion and can be found under picture options in the menu. Cruise is also gearing up to star in the film Luna Park.

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