The first country in the world to make all public transport free

The first country in the world to make all public transport free

The first country in the world to make all public transport free

Luxembourg City, the capital of the small Grand Duchy, suffers from some of the worst traffic congestion in the world.

According to The Independent, Luxembourg's transport system costs close to €1bn per year to operate, but as a result of the concessionary offers, fares amount to only €30m annually.

The Luxembourg Prime Minister was sworn in for a second term on Wednesday after his liberal-led coalition secured a narrow victory in an election in October.

Traffic congestion is a major problem in Luxembourg, which receives approximately 170,000 cross-border commuters from neighboring France, Belgium and Germany on a daily basis.

Luxembourg has previously shown it has a forward-looking attitude towards transport - over the summer, the government introduced free transport for young people under the age of 20.

Secondary school students are also provided free shuttle services between their places of study and homes.

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Currently, fares are all capped at a low level of €2 for up to two hours of travel, which covers nearly any journey in the small nation - which is about the same size as Oxfordshire.

Now, from the start of 2020 all tickets will be abolished, saving on the collection of fares and the policing of ticket purchases.

The policy is yet to be fully thought through, however. A decision has yet to be taken on what to do about first- and second-class compartments on trains.

The new government coalition only just scraped through with 31 out of 60 seats in Chamber which might present a challenge when it comes to passing new, out-of-the-box policies and legislation.

The new government had also pledged to legalize cannabis, a matter that has sparked public debate.

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