Research reveals stigma remains as Australia marks World AIDS Day

Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle tells House of Commons he is HIV positive

Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle tells House of Commons he is HIV positive

Together, we can tackle the stigma surrounding HIV and give the young people carrying it the childhood they deserve.

"I'm also very pleased he's brought up the global context of this, the worldwide context where there is appalling levels of prejudice and abuse against HIV-positive people and against the LGBT community in many countries around the world".

He told the Press Association that there were "low level elements of stigma [surrounding HIV] in every day life". And despite progress against homophobia, 38% of participants said they would behave negatively toward someone based on sexual orientation.

The discriminatory behaviour discourages communities such as Female Sex Workers from expressing their problems voluntarily and this discrimination is a crucial deterring factor in fighting against HIV/AIDS. Targeting the people most susceptible to HIV risk means taking responsive actions to make it easy for the ones, who are infected but unaware of it, to get to know their status and access treatment, thus starting to work towards suppressing their viral load.

The Kemptown and Peacehaven MP made public his status on HIV and World AIDS Day and paid tribute to the "world-class treatment" he has received from the NHS since being diagnosed at the age of 22.

"However, as ending HIV transmissions in the United Kingdom becomes a reality, we must support those living with the virus to thrive, and end the stigma they face".

Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle tells House of Commons he is HIV positive

"The results from our polling are extremely saddening".

"We all need to realise our responsibilities and the critical role we all have to play to make Pakistan HIV free", said the minister.

Away from the Commons chamber, Mr Russell-Moyle explained he had a "duty" as an MP to speak out and could not "keep quiet anymore" about an issue which affects him "so personally".

He said: "The power is in our hands, we have the science". In partnership, we are committed to reaching each person either affected or infected to gain effective control of HIV and AIDS and TB. So that does a lot to normalise HIV in the public's mind.

"These simple messages can be a powerful antidote to HIV stigma".

He added: "In some ways I'm incredibly lucky, I'm a white gay man in a very liberal open city, and so out of all of the groups of people I will probably fair one of the better. Talking about that is really important".