Kim Kardashian Justifies Kanye's Slavery Comment with False Editing Claims on 'KUWTK'

Kim Kardashian justifies Kanye West’s slavery comment lailasnews

Kim Kardashian justifies Kanye West’s slavery comment lailasnews

She continues, telling her friends that West's comments on TMZ Live were misconstrued by the media.

"I rushed home, I was hysterically crying", the mother of three admits to Jonathan and Simon Huck. 'So I go home... he's totally fine'.

Per Kim herself, the "Famous" rapper "can't control what he says" while ramped up about certain topics. "He can't let it go", she explains. "But he loves being ramped up". He's like, 'I feel powerful when I'm ramped up. I don't want to be so suppressed. Like, yeah, I say insane s-, but I've always said insane s-. "That's why I'm Kanye"'.

Here's the clip, so you can listen to what Kanye actually said. That was just the headline.

"I have to say, in thanks to last year's Christmas card, that really did just f**k us over".

On the "KUWTK" episode she adds, "Kanye's slavery comment. he never said that".

Kanye West shocked many fans with his controversial "slavery sounds like a choice" comments. That sounds like a choice. "You was there for 400 years and it's all of y'all? We're mentally in prison".