BT to remove Huawei equipment from its core 4G network

5G networks are coming but Huawei is getting shut out several markets

5G networks are coming but Huawei is getting shut out several markets

Britain's telecoms have avoided using Huawei equipment in their network cores, which contain customers' personal data. As a result, Huawei have not been included in vendor selection for our 5G core.

The Wall Street Journal in November reported that the US government was trying to persuade wireless and internet providers in allied countries to avoid telecommunications equipment from Huawei.

BT said it has been in the process of removing Huawei equipment from instrumental parts of its 3G and 4G mobile networks since 2016. The information was cited by Reuters after initially being published by the Financial Times.

The decoupling of China's telecoms giant Huawei from the wireless networks of English-speaking countries continued this week, as the UK's largest mobile provider made a decision to ban the use of the Chinese firm's equipment in its mobile operations.

BT will continue to use Huawei's kit in what it considers to be benign parts of the network, such as equipment on masts, FT said.

BT is quietly shaming Huawei in a major way, by spending vast sums on refitting the entire EE 4G network to lessen its reliance on hardware provided by the upcoming Chinese mobile specialist.

"Huawei remains an important equipment provider outside the core network, and a valued innovation partner", he added.

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Fellow UK mobile carrier Three last month also announced that it is working with Huawei on a 5G home broadband demo in London. Huawei has said that the concerns were unwarranted.

"We need to decide the extent to which we are going to be comfortable with Chinese ownership of these technologies and these platforms in an environment where some of our allies have taken a very definite position", he said.

The HCSEC was launched in November 2010 to help mitigate any potential risks in using Huawei technology in the UK's critical national infrastructure.

Australia has followed the United States in banning Huawei's equipment from the country's 5G roll-out.

Huawei's banned, but where's the backlash in New Zealand? This agreement remains in place today.

It said the process was to bring the EE networks into line with the rest of its business rather than a change of policy. "Huawei has a robust cyber security assurance system and a proven track record".

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