Minnesota Vikings O-line can be exposed by Chicago Bears

National Anthem before a NFL football game against the Chicago Bears on Sunday Nov. 11 2018 in Minneapolis

National Anthem before a NFL football game against the Chicago Bears on Sunday Nov. 11 2018 in Minneapolis

A significant chunk of that success has come from the play of their defense that has quickly become one of the top units in the league.

The 6-3 Bears are in first in the NFC North. Minnesota is behind them at 5-3-1, so this is a huge game for the division.

The Chicago Bears have gotten to a strong start to the 2018 season now sitting atop the NFC North after winning six out of their first nine games played. So, while the Bears no doubt have a great defense, the Vikings do as well. "They're good at stopping the run".

"They've got really good players on the inside that penetrate", he added about the Vikings' pressure. "I'm practicing against some of the best linebackers in football every day and, going against Harrison on the back end, the best safety in football so no matter what level you look at it on our defense, right down the middle of the field is some of the best players at every position".

With rookie James Daniels on one side and journeyman backups Brian Witzmann and Eric Kush on the other, Nagy's concern is understandable. The extra points he missed against Detroit were his first of the season.

"Yeah, again a guy that just gets on edges of people". "They move him around enough to make it a very hard proposition".

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"Their team speed is much better now", Zimmer said. "But it's just effort".

"They're really good at making the nonpressure and the pressure look the same, and that's how they get on the edge of people all the time is just that half a second, that half-step where a whatever it is, a tackle slow sets and then he's beat off the edge, or they're anxious about the A-gap, and the B-gap pressure comes, or whatever it is", he said. "We have a game plan based on where he'll be, but for the most part, we'll have to defend the looks that they give us and kind of go from there".

As with the Bears missing Long, the Vikings are without their best guard, Nick Easton, for the season. "It's the physicality of defeating a tight end, defeating an offensive tackle, and the aggressive nature that he plays with, I think, that probably adds to all the other guys". The other guard, Mike Remmers, is battling a bad back.

Kirk Cousins has taken 24 sacks this season.

I have a great deal of respect, as well, for their defensive coordinator. There's a good chance that the Bears will also have trouble running the ball against a Minnesota front seven that ranks third in the league in rushing defense (88.9 yards allowed per game) and fourth in yards per carry allowed (3.6).

And it'll be even more fun for Bears fans come Sunday night, when their pass rush is the difference in a clash of two elite defenses and mediocre O-lines, with only one carrying its weight in pass pro - the Bears'.

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