Where Is Batkid 5 Years After He Went Viral?

Miles Scott of California dressed as Batkid

Miles Scott of California dressed as Batkid

He just clinched another, much bigger, victory: He passed his 5-year mark being cancer free.

Leukemia survivor, Miles Scott dressed as BatKid as part of a Make-A-Wish foundation fulfilment in 2013.

Late Mayor Ed Lee and more than 20,000 volunteers turned San Francisco into Gotham City to make Miles's dream come true.

Miles' adventure, in which an actor dressed as Batman drove him around San Francisco encountering multiple scenes and villains, was organized by the Make-A-Wish foundation and culimated in a crowd of 10,000 people cheering him on. "After fighting his own heroic battle with leukemia since he was a year old, Miles visits his oncologist once a year, and has been in remission from leukemia for the past five years".

The foundation pulled out all the stops for Miles, converting two black Lamborghinis into Batmobiles, as the tot was guided by pleas of help from San Francisco's then-Police Chief Greg Suhr.

Even President Barack Obama congratulated Batkid, saying in a video message, "Way to go, Miles!"

The event, for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, involved more than 2000 people.

The event was a celebration to mark Miles's last round of medication after having battled through three years of cancer treatment.

"Now 10 years old and in fifth grade, Miles loves science and robotics", the organization said in the update on its website.

"Miles brought smiles and hope to children living with life threatening medical conditions in San Francisco and all over the world", the foundation said in a statement.