Watch John Lewis' 2018 Christmas Advert Starring Elton John In Full

Credit YouTube  evan youtuberuk/15maio2011

Credit YouTube evan youtuberuk/15maio2011

But this year, the holiday advert from United Kingdom department store chain John Lewis & Partners - which produces an annual, highly-anticipated Christmas commercial - is leaving viewers with visions of sequined sugarplums rocking and rolling in their heads.

We received confirmation earlier this year that Elton John would both star in and perform the song for the famous advert this Christmas, with insiders revealing it would tell the story of the star's life.

As ever with John Lewis adverts, the topic was trending on Twitter since its release.

While some praised it and said it made them cry (presumedly in a good way) many have criticised the ad for being too much about Elton John and not enough about Christmas.

"This is a story that when you strip it all back, it's a story about a little boy who got a piano and how that thoughtful gift had an impact on his life".

The UK has a long tradition of moving Christmas adverts, with numerous major chains trying to out do each other in sappiness each year.

Sir Elton is played by actors throughout the advert, except for the opening and closing scenes. We are so ready to step into Christmas... But come on. Really?

John Lewis's Christmas advert has become a staple of the festive season, with many pronouncing the start of celebrations when they see it. "Piano = a career in music, I bought my daughter's first leotard at the age of 4 she is now 8 and her passion is gymnastics".

Viewers tuning into ITV on Wednesday 14 November were left confused when the theme tunes of a number of evening shows, including The Chase and Coronation Street, were changed.

It wasn't universally loved, with some complaining the advert was selling John's life, more than it was Christmas.