Trumpy Bear is here, and Twitter can’t get enough

Trumpy Bear is making a splash on Fox News | Media

Trumpy Bear is making a splash on Fox News | Media

You can find out more about Dallas-based Exceptional Products, the self-described "direct response marketing company" behind Trumpy Bear, in Ad Age's previous coverage.

And Trumpy Bear has made the big time after the terrible ad aired during primetime on Fox News, giving the toy immediate social media cachet and even getting parodied by none other than James Corden and Jimmy Kimmel on their respective TV shows.

It starts with a baritone voiceover that declares: "The wind whispered through the forest, 'A storm is coming. Thank you, Trumpy Bear!" says another. The weight of the responsibilities that come with the presidency can be a burden that I, for one, could never endure. "When I ride with Trumpy Bear, he makes my golf game great again".

Trumpy Bear picked up media attention this week when a commercial aired on Fox News.

Trumpy Bear is the brainchild of a chap called Elliott Brackett, who's reportedly making a small fortune from selling the stuffed toy for $US40 ($A55) to Trump loyalists.

The stuffed animal comes with yellow hair and eyebrows, just like the president.

The toy seems to be a take on the Teddy bear, named after President Theodore Roosevelt for his refusal to kill a black bear during a hunting trip.

Although it may just be a coincidence, the advertisement mentions "the Storm", directly echoing the language of the QAnon conspiracy theory, a uniquely Trumpian conspiracy theory.

As Rolling Stone points out, the commercial has been around since previous year but has suddenly gone viral after being played on Fox News (the YouTube video has been viewed almost 2.4 million times).

It was first noticed by Twitter back in July.