Group poses as bus to cross Russia’s "vehicle-only" Zolotoy bridge

People Disguised as Bus Try to Cross Vehicles-Only Bridge on Foot

People Disguised as Bus Try to Cross Vehicles-Only Bridge on Foot

The wheels on the bus go not so fast.

Four guys pretending to be a bus tried to traverse the Golden Bridge in southeast Russian Federation but their lucky breaks failed when a security guard got wise to their antics in mid-stunt.

Police pumped the brakes on four people who tried to cross an iconic bridge in Russian Federation dressed as a cardboard bus. Amateur video showed the men being pursued by police on foot on November 10 as they attempted to cross the Golden Bridge. Built in preparation for the 2012 APEC summit held on the nearby Russky Island, the bridge spans the entire Zolotoy Rog Bay and has a length of about 1.3 kilometres.

The bridge is closed for pedestrians since 2015.

The four men captured on video appeared to try to get around the pedestrian ban by dressing up as a bus. After navigating traffic for a time, the group are apprehended by a security guard relatively early on who demands they turn back around.

As the group is ushered away from the traffic, the woman adds, "Why are they kicking them out?"

A woman who filmed the incident from her vehicle can be heard expressing surprise and delight when she sees the "bus", and then saying authorities ought to leave it alone. This is lovely, it's art.