Survivor of Thousand Oaks shooting and the Las Vegas massacre speaks out

Twelve Dead After Mass Shooting At California Bar's College Student Night

Twelve Dead After Mass Shooting At California Bar's College Student Night

On Wednesday night, the former machine gunner, dressed all in black with his hood pulled up, opened fire with a handgun at the Borderline Bar & Grill during college night, then apparently killed himself as scores of police officers closed in.

Others who knew Long said that he was prone to violence, recalling incidents dating back to high school that left them fearful long before he joined the Marines.

Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean revealed that police had contact with Long over the years, as he was a victim of a battery at a local Thousand Oaks bar and was involved in two traffic accidents. "I want those b******* in Congress - they need to pass gun control so no one else has a child that doesn't come home".

He said he and others smashed their way out of the bar onto a balcony and then jumped down to safety.

Telemachus was at the Route 91 Harvest festival in Vegas last October when gunman Stephen Paddock began shooting revelers from the window of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, where he was saying.

Friday evening survivors of the Borderline bar shooting have been able to show up at a roadblock to try to get back their cars that have been locked into this scene for two days.

A substitute teacher, Orfanos said that if there had not been change since previous shootings, she wasn't sure what kind of massacre could make a difference, according to the Washington Post.

The latest massacre has left many family members of the dead exasperated at the seeming inability to tighten USA gun laws.

"I wanted to help as best I could", Kelly said. California Lutheran University president Chris Kimball said that he had "heroically saved lives".

"There are hundreds of thousands of people with PTSD", said Colell. You're always picking up on social cues. "I pushed him off me and said after that - 'You're off the team'".

Tel Orfanos lived through the deadliest mass shooting in modern us history only to lose his life in another one less than 10 minutes from his home barely a year later, a tragic coincidence that has devastated his friends and family.

"It's too close to home, "Kelly told ABC".

Orfanos said she would refuse to accept the toothless condolences typical after mass shootings in the U.S. I have a daughter coming on the 29th of this month.

"He'd be the first to rush in to try to solve the problem to try to neutralize that threat, so I know he didn't have a moment's hesitation to go in when he heard those shots", Keradjian said. "I'm here for a reason".