Pelosi starts bid for speakership with kind words from Trump

Media playback is unsupported on your device                  Media caption The story of election night in two minutes

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption The story of election night in two minutes

The Democrats have taken over the House of Representatives with a majority of 221 seats, while the Republicans have won in the Senate elections leading with a majority of 51 seats, according to CNN. Gains in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania were offset by mixed results in OH and GOP dominance in electoral powerhouse Florida.

New Jersey Senator Cory Booker might aspire to such a description.

"This is really not a stock market that needs more fiscal stimulus and I think in order for the bull market to continue what it really needs is strong earnings in the face of what is likely to be increasing interest rates", said Rick Meckler, partner at Cherry Lane Investments, in New Vernon, New Jersey. "It was a great victory". Democratic candidates won, or are now leading in, 18 seats by a margin lower than 5 percentage points.

"These are things we can accomplish with the support and collaboration of our Republican colleagues", Libby said. Door-to-door organizing by progressives helped break the GOP supermajority in North Carolina's Senate and House, and elected grassroots champions to represent South Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. That's one reason why it's so hard to settle on a single narrative about what happened.

That's true, but it doesn't tell the whole story. If there had been, Republicans would have kept majority control of the U.S. House and had even more pickups in the Senate. There has been a form of mobilisation at both ends of the spectrum that is driven by a profound social crisis and the loss of legitimacy of capitalist institutions, including corporate political parties. That would mean restoring bipartisan traditions like considering American Bar Association evaluations of judicial nominees before giving them hearings, allowing for meaningful consultations with Democrats on nominees from their states, and honoring "blue slips", which give senators veto power over nominees from their states. The state probably will be hotly contested in two years, but seems to lean Republican.

One of Trump's most vocal defenders on immigration, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, lost his bid for governor. MI passed Automatic Voter Registration, Maryland same-day registration.The most dramatic victory came in Florida, where voters restored voting rights to ex-felons who had served their time, restoring the right to vote to an estimated 1.4 million citizens.

Most presidents would have come forward, congratulated the victor and pledged a bipartisan cooperation for the next two years. But that was enough for Trump to come closer than any Republican since Ronald Reagan to winning the state. However, he did it by standing still as Clinton underperformed.

Trump drives voters to the polls, but that cuts both ways. Clinton dropped nearly 300,000 votes from Obama's 2012 performance in MI, which produced 131,000 fewer votes between the two major-party candidates than in the previous cycle. Pennsylvania is alone in having a higher combined 2016 vote total over 2012, but Clinton still came up short of Obama's performance in the earlier cycle by 64,000 votes - and lost the state by 44,000.

The victory of the Democrats is likely to bring the question of Trump's impeachment back on the agenda and have serious political consequences for the United States president. He was quick to distance himself from losing GOP House members who had been critical of his heated rhetoric, citing Florida Rep. Carlos Curbelo and Colorado Rep. Mike Coffman, among others.

The Democrats also took control of the House of Representatives.

That raises big questions about any path to Electoral College victory in 2020.

House Democrats have a Plan B to make sure Robert Mueller's findings in the Russian Federation investigation see the light of day if President Trump fires the special counsel, a report said.

The House defeat is also a message from moderate Republicans and independents, especially women put off by Mr. Trump's rancorous style.

Polling experts have since worked to improve their methods and how they collect responses from voters for exit polls, Kennedy said.

Sanders, who is considering another run at the Democratic nomination in 2020, has often derided the Trump as a fraud who lied to struggling Americans during his campaign.

Hours later, Vermont Sen. Some two-thirds of voters on Tuesday expressed satisfaction with the economy, and these are people he'd win if he didn't alienate them with his narcissism and petulance. Trump remains very popular in the region, spanning from the politically swing-voting Hamilton County eastward along a string of Ohio River counties that the president carried by more than 30 percentage points. Instead he has played constantly to his base who are already loyal.

Washington has orbited around Trump as if he were a celestial body thus far, but now there is a new center of gravity.

Those who hope to trounce Trump in 2020 would be furious about this mischief-making.

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