Midterms serve as practice run for Trump's 2020 re-election campaign

With the election done expect Mueller to make his move

With the election done expect Mueller to make his move

President Donald Trump warned of a "war-like posture" if Democrats use their newly won control of the House to launch investigations into his administration, even as he lavished praise on an opposition party leader he has repeatedly attacked on the campaign trail. But either way, the concentration of Trump supporters in the Senate GOP has increased. That doesn't mean I think race and immigration weren't a major part of Trump's election pitch.

Blue-collar voters and rural America embraced his aggressive talk and stances.

The midterms leave power split in Washington as Democrats retake control of the House of Representatives and Republicans expand Senate majority.

The 2018 elections also exposed an extraordinary political realignment in an electorate defined by race, gender, and education that could shape USA politics for years to come.

These figures show that the thorough rejection of Trumpism that the Democrats have been hoping for - and which might convince his party to change course - has not arrived and is not likely to arrive soon. People of color and young voters are often drawn to progressive populism that directly challenges widening income inequality, institutional racism and environmental degradation.

Record diversity on the ballot may have helped drive turnout.

As of early Wednesday, voters were on track to send at least 99 women to the House, surpassing the previous record of 84. Two years later, she became the first woman of color elected to Congress in CT, and will represent the state's fifth congressional district, which includes Newtown, New Britain, and Woodbury.

What's happening in governors' races?

"The single reason we don't have more women in office is traditionally because not enough women want to run", Dew Steele said.

Weinfeld said he was not surprised Democrats fell short of a majority in the House, and few experts predicted the party would take the Senate.

Michigan Democrat Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party will become the first Muslim women in Congress. And Democrats officially flipped Washington's 8th district when the Associated Press called the race late Thursday morning.

Women were assured of at least 107 seats in the House, more than ever before.

Democrats Sharice Davids and Deb Haaland will become the first Native American women elected to Congres.

Democrats failed to defeat a vulnerable incumbent in Kentucky, where Republican Rep. Andy Barr won over former Marine fighter pilot Amy McGrath.

Trump, who campaigned vigorously for a handful of Republican candidates in tight races, sought to highlight the historical significance of his party's Senate wins.

"Tremendous success tonight. Thank you to all!"

Some hurt worse than others.

The deal is meant to replace NAFTA, which President Donald Trump has threatened to withdraw from for several years.

Congress has broad constitutional authority to conduct oversight and investigations, a power that has been upheld in numerous Supreme Court cases, some of them dating to issues arising from the Teapot Dome scandal of the 1920s. Almost two-thirds said Trump was a reason for their vote.

The president bet big on a xenophobic closing message, warning of an immigrant "invasion" that promised to spread violent crime and drugs across the nation.

They have said they might do this because during the 2016 presidential campaign, Mr Trump became one of the only presidential candidates in recent history who refused to release his tax returns.

Among governorships, Democrats netted seven, including big states such as MI and IL and Wisconsin, where incumbent Gov. Scott Walker was ousted after two terms. He served as vice chairman of Trump's now-defunct commission on voter fraud. So this was a five-point decline from what was already a low 2016 number.

"It's all about framing for 2020", said Joel Rubin, who was the State Department's liaison to the House during the Obama administration. Trump threatened to go after House Democrats who try to investigate him, while Rep. Nancy Pelosi said her party would be "a check and balance" against the White House.

They argue that such favors to Trump include Chinese government trademarks for his companies, payments for hotel room stays and event-space rentals by representatives of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, and proceeds from Chinese or Emirati-linked government purchases of office space in Trump Tower. Cory Booker, California Sen.

Progressive Democratic candidates in more competitive districts - like Dana Balter in New York's 24th district, Randy Bryce in Wisconsin's 1st district, and Kara Eastman in Nebraska's 2nd district - all lost to Republicans on Tuesday.

Said Warren: "This resistance began with women and it is being led by women tonight".