Soon, you’ll have 10 minutes to ‘unsend’ a Facebook message

The idea has been lobbied by Facebook since April after it was revealed the company had retracted messages sent by CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other company chief, TechRadar reported.

Facebook is planning to roll out a new update to Messenger that will allow users to delete sent messages from chat threads within 10 minutes of sending.

This length of time is relatively short in comparison to other messaging platforms, including the one day time limit for Facebook-owned Instagram and one hour for Whatsapp - also owned by the social media giant.

Now, it remains to be seen when exactly Facebook will make the option to unsend messages available to everyone because "coming soon" doesn't tells us too much about that.

The note mentions the option to remove a message from a chat thread after being sent. Maybe you sent a picture to someone you didn't want to.

According to The Verge, Facebook has been testing the feature since at least this past October, when it first spotted in Messenger. It doesn't actually send the email until it passes that buffer time. This gives the recipient the opportunity to read the messages, even if you decide to take it back within the timeframe its eligible to be "unsent".