Porsche 911 Is Completing Final R&D And Testing Phases

New Porsche 911: fresh images of 992 model released…

New Porsche 911: fresh images of 992 model released…

Porsche is out testing prototypes for its next-generation 911, the 992, which will be hitting the market next summer as a 2020 model.

- The test mule of the new-gen 911 has been spotted already on many occasions.

Eight-generation Porsche 911 will launch early 2019 in Europe and the Italian carmaker has shared the photos it took amid the testing.

As Porsche explains, the testing first focuses on core aspects of the vehicle - the engine and chassis - both of which have been improved from outgoing 991-generation cars. The new driver assistance systems and enhanced connectivity has also been assessed.

In hot regions, such as the Middle East or Death Valley in the US, the air conditioning, thermal management, and combustion behaviour need to pass functional checks in temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius. Porsche has also checked the interior components that they do not expand or contract or make noises when exposed to extreme heat.

Finland where temperature dips under - 35 degree Celsius was picked as the solidifying area to test for chilly begin testing, warming footing, taking care of and braking conduct and additionally the reaction speed control system which are identified with the driving dynamics.

Since we're talking the new 911 here, a big chunk of the testing was performed on the Nürburgring and Nardò tracks in Germany and Italy respectively, where engineers could see the chassis, engine, gearbox and suspension system at work.

Its endurance was further tested at opposite elevations: 4,300m above sea level in Mount Evans, Colorado, and 90m below in Death Valley. Every part of the vehicle has to be flawless says Porsche since the sports auto is meant for daily use. This phase also sees significant mileage being covered, while complying with all traffic rules, with the common goal that the eighth generation of this sports vehicle icon continues the tradition of being one of the best 911 of all time. By the time testing is complete, the cars have been driven for around three million kilometres in total.