Oshie scores game-winner after getting bricked by Malkin head shot

Mike Sullivan, Penguins left fuming after Evgeni Malkin's...

Mike Sullivan, Penguins left fuming after Evgeni Malkin's...

After the 2-1 setback at Capital One Arena, the Penguins fumed about their unfortunate luck and Evgeni Malkin's ejection.

Early in the third period of the tilt, the forwards collided as Malkin carried the puck into the Capitals' zone on the power play. The Penguins pivot appeared to raise his shoulder and connect with Oshie's head as the winger skated towards him at the blue line, sending Oshie tumbling to the ice in pain. "I passed my concussion test, went out and won the game".

Malkin was assessed a match penalty for the incident. Oshie would return to the game, and he scored the winning goal for the Capitals with 1:14 left in regulation.

"It's not my concern anymore".

For his part, Oshie said it would not matter to him whether or not Malkin received a suspension for the hit.

Penguins coach Mike Sullivan said he wasn't concerned that Malkin might be punished further by the league, and that turned out to be the case.

Oshie was forced to leave the game for a second time following the Malkin hit. He doesn't get an elbow or stick up, just a shoulder, in order to steady himself for a collision after he released the puck. The Player Safety impression of the hit seems at odds with the criteria for a Rule 48 match penalty, in which a player is ejected if he "attempted to or deliberately injured his opponent with an illegal check to the head".