Borat returns to television to 'tamper' with U.S. election



It has been a while since Cohen has returned to the character - he's been busy offending America with other characters since then - but for Tuesday night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Cohen did a little segment where his "friend" Borat wanted to help swing the election for Trump.

In his first onscreen appearance since 2012, the bumbling Kazakh journalist went door-to-door in Los Angeles for an election special broadcast of ' Jimmy Kimmel Live!' "I come to California to do election tampering".

"Russia interfere with the presidential election".

Turns out Borat is a big fan of "Premier Trump". In his travels, he met a woman who seemingly advocated for keeping kids in cages, and a man who denied the idea that President Donald Trump is a racist.

A confused Borat replies: 'But what is the problem being a racist? Or 'liberal elitist Hollywood bubble globalist Jew mouthpiece, ' as the Kazakh character said.

'I am a racist, and it's nice, ' Borat brazenly said to one voter - who for some reason invited the besuited character into his home to talk politics - when discussing the latter point. That involved talking with Trump supporters about topics like immigration, the "fake news" media, and racism.

Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen has brought Kazakhstan's most famous fake newsman, Borat Sagdiyev, out of retirement for a U.S. midterm election special. Cohen posted a pic of Borat with an ID that clearly wasn't his on his Instagram page saying, "I voted, Great Success".