Brexit funder Arron Banks comes out as a Remainer

Arron Banks tweet Nov 2018

Arron Banks tweet Nov 2018

"I won't make anything available to Channel 4 News", Banks replied, saying: "Channel 4 News is the leading proponent of fake news and Remainer angst in the country". The question is where did the money come from?

"The money came from Rock Services which was a United Kingdom limited company".

Hundreds of internal emails leaked by former employees of Eldon Insurance and Rock Services to the paper show that despite categorical denials by Banks to MPs, insurance staff worked on the Leave.EU campaign from their company offices, although "any work carried out in the months before the referendum should have been declared under electoral law".

Liberal Democrat Brexit spokesman Tom Brake said Mr Banks' appearance on the Andrew Marr Show had been "remarkable".

The Electoral Commission is not responding to Mr Banks' comments.

Banks, a prominent Brexiter, was referred to the National Crime Agency (NCA) on Thursday by the Electoral Commission which said it had found evidence of "multiple suspected offences" committed during the 2016 referendum.

"What's not clear is where the money came from to get to that holding company in the first place, because this is a business that in and of itself doesn't generate cash".

The explanation differs from one Mr Banks gave the Commons Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) Committee in June, in which he claimed Rock Services was "just a service company". It doesn't make any money itself.

"The money came from Rock Services, which was a United Kingdom limited company".

He said Rock Services had "all sorts of revenues", but did not detail them.

"I have today written to the prime minister to ask if she or any other minister or senior official has at any stage declined a request from any of our security, intelligence or law enforcement agencies to investigate Banks", Mr Bradshaw said on Friday.

Well, details of that were revealed by Facebook earlier this year when they released a string of pro-Brexit adverts that popped up on voters' feeds before the European Union referendum in June 2016.

"It's important that the investigation goes ahead as quickly as possible and that Arron Banks is investigated".

Richard Tice of Leave Means Leave told BBC Newsnight that "Remoaners" were using the investigation as an excuse to try and overturn Brexit. "There is the Brexit process which is ongoing and there is what should be a full and proper investigation into Mr Banks and the source of his funds".

Both Bilney and Banks deny any wrongdoing, with the latter posting a flurry of tweets on Friday evening.

In turn, the Electoral Commission released its own statement confirming that they made the reference to the NCA over a £2 million (US$2.58 million) loan to BFTC, which ran Leave.EU, by Banks and his group of insurance companies.