Flu shots available on Monday

Ohio Mom Urges Families to Have Kids Vaccinated After 4-Year-Old Son Dies of the Flu

Ohio Mom Urges Families to Have Kids Vaccinated After 4-Year-Old Son Dies of the Flu

Saskatchewan residents will be able to get their free flu shot starting October 22 at public health clinics and pharmacies across the province.

Committee chairman Norman Lamb said: 'The flu season is upon us again and it's outrageous that so few social care staff appear to be vaccinated.

Health professionals are urging citizens to get their flu shot. The flu vaccine is available as a shot and as a nasal spray.

Here's what you need to know about the 2018-19 flu season.

As cold weather settles in, Downriver residents can protect themselves from the flu by receiving a flu shot at an upcoming Community Flu Shot Clinic, sponsored by Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital. Some have medical reasons for being unable to have the shot, but others go without by choice. Why? They may be skeptical about vaccines in general.

The RCPI added that mandatory vaccination 'is the only intervention to date that has been proven to achieve vaccine uptake rates of over 95%'. The state recorded 227 deaths last flu season, which was the most on record for the past three decades.

Local doctors are stressing the safety of the flu vaccine after a study found some parents remain skeptical about the shot. Officials say that the flu can be a serious health concern for older people, young children, pregnant women and people with ongoing illnesses like diabetes, or kidney, heart or lung disease. The vaccine has repeatedly reduced the risk of flu-related deaths among children by 50 percent.

Keep in mind, however, that some people might still get a low-grade fever (below 100) and feel slightly exhausted or achey even after the shot, says Urrutia, and that's normal.

"If you get sick, stay home".

This article was released by the Orange County Health Care Agency. Doctors say that's not true.

"This year is the 100th anniversary of the 1918 flu, the greatest killer of all time".

The flu vaccine previous year was estimated to be 30-60 percent effective - and this is a significant public health benefit - nothing to sneeze at!

Most nurses who don't intend to get vaccinated this flu season either aren't convinced this vaccine works, or don't believe that they personally require vaccination. This is unequivocally false.

"For years all flu vaccine was made in eggs - it is low-priced to do it that way, so if you are allergic to eggs you could potentially have a reaction to the egg protein", Ramsey said. It takes around two weeks for your body to develop the antibody protection needed to fight off the virus.

Going along with this point, Cherry said that it is the socially responsible thing to get yourself vaccinated. Dr. Manning works in the Temple's Infectious Diseases Department, "Now is the ideal time to get your flu shot", she says.

"That doesn't mean you now have the flu".

Taege pointed out the flu can be much more risky than a simple cold. This is the time of year for increased respiratory illnesses and pneumonia.

It acknowledged that the vaccination of healthcare workers is "not a silver bullet", but it is "one element of the multi-faceted approach recommended to healthcare institutions to minimise spread of the virus".