Trump signs bill that ensures music streaming services pay artist royalties

Drew Angerer  Getty Images North America

Drew Angerer Getty Images North America

According to Variety, the Jesus Walks hitmaker will look on as Trump signs the legislation and officially makes it the law of the land. "Today is about their future and this bill stands as a great statement on what can be done when we work together". It will iron out the most complicated part of the process-figuring out who the rights holders are-by creating a single licensing database called the Mechanical Licensing Collective.

Additionally, The Allocation for Music Producer Act (AMP), improves royalty payouts for producers and engineers when there recordings are played on satellite and online radio.

The 2018 Music Modernization Act (MMA), which was passed by U.S. Senators last month (Sep18), has always been campaigned for by musicians and industry figures and reforms music licensing to allow songwriters and artists to allow songwriters to receive payments for pre-1972 recordings and increases their earnings from streaming services. "Until now these works have been heavily performed, but the artists are not compensated".

At a ceremony held at The White House in Washington earlier today (October 11th 2018), US President Donald Trump signed the Music Modernization Act into law, in what's arguably the most high-profile event for the music industry in several years.

Even though Fox provides online livestreams for all the president's rallies, cable news junkies might have noticed that they cut away from his appearances midway more often recently.

Music business leaders reacted to the signing with enthusiasm.

"Certain entertainers have been taken advantage for years, but no longer - thanks to Trump. This important legislation will benefit songwriters, legacy recording artists, producers, digital streaming services, and music listeners".