Big weekend for lottery jackpots

No Winning Mega Millions ticket, jackpot now $654 million

No Winning Mega Millions ticket, jackpot now $654 million

The Kentucky Lottery is giving away hundreds of Mega Millions tickets ahead of Friday's big drawing.

The estimated Mega Millions $548 million prize would be the largest jackpot in more than nine months.

It's not yet known whether anyone had bought a winning ticket.

Mega Millions' record haul was a $656 million jackpot shared by people in three states in 2012.

An in-state Megabucks Doubler drawing will also take place tomorrow for an estimated $3.3 million in winnings. A victor who opted for a cash payout would receive $309 million, minus taxes.

The top prize reached $548 million, with a one-time cash option of $309 million.

"When a (Powerball) jackpot or Mega Millions goes over $500 million, that's when you really start seeing an uptick in sales of those games", Teja said.

California is in second place, with 30 wins in its 13 years of participation in the game, and New Jersey comes in third, with 20 winning jackpot tickets sold since 2002.