17 dead, 763,000 without power in Michael's aftermath

Hurricane Michael update: at least 13 killed, including firefighter as crews search for survivors

Hurricane Michael update: at least 13 killed, including firefighter as crews search for survivors

Search and rescue teams combed through shattered USA communities on Thursday looking for victims of Hurricane Michael, a Category 4 monster storm which carved out a swathe of destruction in the Florida Panhandle, killing at least six in three states.

"Hurricane Michael arrived before most of the state farmers had started harvest for the season - specifically for pecans, peanuts and cotton", Tasnim Shamma reports from Atlanta member station WABE, for NPR's Newscast unit.

Home after home was razed from its foundations in the town of around 1,000 people, leaving just bare concrete slabs.

Reuters adds that because of the devastation, "cadaver dogs, drones, and heavy equipment" are being employed to search for survivors and the dead.

"We prepare for the worst and hope for the best".

"It was just so insane and it's just so bad", he said.

De Blasio said he told his team to get in touch with Gillum's campaign when he won the August 28 primary, so his visit was planned before Hurricane Michael altered the campaign trail.

With a low barometric pressure recorded at 919 millibars (a measure of a hurricane's force), Michael was the third strongest storm on record to hit the United States.

"An enormous amount of 911 calls are going unresponded to because we've got this priority to search and rescue". Her father says she loved playing the trumpet, acting and singing.

"It has been wonderful to see volunteers from across the state donating supplies and helping those affected by the hurricane", Gillum said.

Boats are pictured ashore following Hurricane Michael in Port St. Joe, Fla.

At least eight people, including Sweet, have died in Florida.

"I've never seen anything like this craziness", said Tamara's café owner Danny Itzkovitz, 54, as he was busy grilling burgers.

Across the storm-hit region in the U.S., relief efforts were shaping up. "Everything's gone. I didn't even know our road was our road". "But, holy smokes, this one kicked our butt".

The front door of Bay Medical Sacred Heart in Panama City was boarded up Friday and water service hadn't been restored but a handmade sign directed patients to the emergency room, which remains operational. A year ago, the school welcomed students and families displaced by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. "We're getting things done pretty quick", Kremeier said. "So I wanted to protect them or be there for them in case something like this happened - and it did".

"I've watched on television, thinking of what others have experienced, like in the Carolinas and Texas", Mexico Beach Mayor Al Cathey told reporters referring to earlier hurricanes. Despite the destruction, the Rev. Luke Farabaugh and his congregation celebrated Mass on Thursday.

The US death toll has risen to at least 13 - including five in Virginia and four in Florida - and it's expected to climb.

It weakened overnight to a tropical storm.

The rapid-moving rainfall from Michael triggered flash floods in parts of Virginia and the Carolinas, including areas threatened by swollen rivers during Hurricane Florence.

The mammoth storm, which made landfall as a Category 4 storm on Wednesday, claimed lives in four states, but the Sunshine State suffered the worst damage by far.

As of early on October 13, state officials were reporting that at least 18 have been killed in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia.

Numerous injured in Florida were taken to hard-hit Panama City, 32 kilometres northwest of Mexico Beach. Those numbers are added to almost 345,000 accounts without power in Florida and 150,000 in Georgia.

Around 1.1 million homes and businesses were reported to be without power from Florida to Virginia, according to utility companies.

Michael also disrupted energy operations in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico as it approached land, cutting crude oil production by more than 40 per cent and natural gas output by almost a third as offshore platforms were evacuated.