WHO tasks African leaders on mental health care

     MENTAL HEALTH People with depression often don’t feel like socialising and end up isolated

GETTY MENTAL HEALTH People with depression often don’t feel like socialising and end up isolated

"But I truly believe that secrets keep you sick", she said at a fundraiser in California. I long to be at the end of the waiting list for my DBT, but there is still up to 18 months to go on the two-year wait.

In many countries there is no expectation of help.

The Prime Minister will also say that "parity of care" is a priority of the NHS long-term plan, which will include "record investment" in mental health.

Theresa May has announced that Jackie Doyle-Price will become the UK's first minister for suicide prevention.

Prof Vikram Patel of the Harvard Medical School, joint lead editor, said mental ill-health caused "colossal human suffering" and was responsible for substantial numbers of deaths that are attributed to other causes. It is only when we understand the problem better that we will be able to solve it.

The theme for this year is "Young People and Mental Health in a Changing World".

When young employees struggle with their mental health it can often impact other members of the family, so support can also be accessed by siblings and parents too.

Elaine Peng, a mental health educator in the San Francisco Bay Area, made the remarks on World Mental Health Day, which is observed on October 10 every year, with the objective of raising awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilizing efforts in support of the issue.

A Falkirk gym will hand out free five-day passes as part of World Mental Health Day to encourage non-members to experience the positive mental effects of exercise.

Having a friend, having someone who is on your side is something we can all do for someone, and on World Mental Health Day, if you take anything away take that.

Mr Stevens said: "As evidence in this country emerges - and the Chief Medical Officer is now looking at what we know and the impact of social media - we need to consider the links between health and technology for better, in many cases, but also for worse".

Responding to the report, Mr Hancock told BBC Radio 4's Today: "This is an improvement on what there was before and it is still way off where we need to be".

"Mental health is just as vital to our wellbeing as physical health", Lady Gaga wrote on its site this time a year ago.

Theresa May has announced eight thousand more mental health workers in schools to offer mental health checks to pupils.

Moeti said that although countries in the region were making progress in addressing the problems of mental health, much more could be done to build mental resilience from an early age.

The Children's Commissioner welcomed Mrs May's announcement, but added: "We need to see urgent action and implementation now".