#MeToo: Foreign Media On Bollywood Vs Alleged Sexual Predators

#MeToo: Foreign Media On Bollywood Vs Alleged Sexual Predators

#MeToo: Foreign Media On Bollywood Vs Alleged Sexual Predators

The four-member panel will also conduct hearings about sexual harassment cases on social media.

The second woman to have accused Seth is 33-year-old journalist Mandakini Gahlot, who narrated an incident that involved Seth at a policymakers' retreat that was held in Goa in July 2011.

On Friday, 12 October, Union Minister for Women and Child Development Maneka Gandhi said that she believes in all the women who have come out with complaints of sexual harassment.

She added that she had to work with him again while she was working with a music channel. She told us, "Women in Hollywood have greater financial independence and freedom of speech, maybe more than Bollywood actresses who are used to male actors leading the narrative".

While several ministries have not acknowledged the scores of sexual harassment cases being reported, the WCD ministry has been vocal in its support of the movement.

Amid a global movement to hold powerful men accountable for sexual misconduct, Indian women have picked up courage, said journalist Rituparna Chatterjee.

Recently, a report by Livemint indicates that "the number of reported instances of sexual harassment at the workplace was higher in private sector companies compared with state-owned ones during financial year 2018".

"Now under Narendra Modi government, the atmosphere is more free and that's why women are coming out now". The movement has taken the digital world by storm, and it only fits that the authorities take the #MeToo movement to real-life consequences.

According to the statement, complaints can be given to the Internal Complaints Committee or submitted at the dedicated portal of "She-Box". In recent days two leading editors have stepped down, a Bollywood production house has been shuttered, India's top comedy troupe faces an uncertain future and a popular author has apologized.

The legislation does not deal with this systemic issue, and that is its biggest flaw. All cases will be closely monitored by the ministry.

At the start they only plagued the West, but sexual harassment claims prompted by #MeToo have now swept into India, so much so that an investigation into "sexual predation" within the media industry has been called for.