How North Texans can help Hurricane Michael victims

Benny Hobson 69 sits in what is left of his home in Panama City Florida

Benny Hobson 69 sits in what is left of his home in Panama City Florida

Craig Fugate, former director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency and a former emergency management chief for the state of Florida, said "this is what we expect with storm surge and high wind events".

Communications outages and roads blocked by downed trees, strewn power lines and debris made it hard to get an overall assessment of the damage wrought by Michael, but the initial picture was grim. You have to hunt around to find the exact spots where the strongest winds are blowing, and then drop your instruments in, remembering that you're dropping it from let's say 10,000 feet, it's going to get blown sideways as it drops toward the ground.

One Virginia woman attempted to drive through rising floodwaters. Lee Vogler, the vice mayor of Danville, Virginia, captured scenes of waters halfway submerged in the southern Virginia town.

As one Panama City, Fla., resident told NPR's Debbie Elliott, "This whole town's destroyed".

In southwestern Virginia, Emily Waddell said the water level in a creek near her property in Simpsons already surpassed what it experienced during Florence. When she spoke to CNN on Thursday, she had lost a chicken coop and four of her six gardens.

She said local television stations were knocked off the air for two days, and authorities were relying on the Gulf State College radio station to broadcast public service bulletins. The storm also has brought flash flooding to hurricane-weary parts of the Carolinas and Virginia.

In Georgia, some of the worst damage hit the southwestern section of the state, where it devastated farms at a particularly vulnerable time of the year.

The National Hurricane Centre warned of possible spinoff tornadoes and heavy rains in Alabama and Georgia, before the storm heads for SC, which were soaked by Hurricane Florence in September. I mean, there's trees down. Another died at the hospital.

A driver in North Carolina was killed when a tree fell on his auto.

But even as affected communities evaluate the damage left in the storm's wake, weather satellites continued to monitor Michael's progress. McPherson and her husband spend Thursday searching for her. "Just cleaning the yard", Katia Coonan said. The other thing on top of that, a lot of people get hurt afterwards.

Almost 500,000 customers were without power in North Carolina, and another 92,000 in SC, according to the states' emergency management divisions.

The worst hit areas of Florida's northwest coast saw houses ripped from their foundations, trees felled, and power lines strewn across streets.

The sheer force of Hurricane Michael has been well analysed, but it's only when you see the everyday stuff of people's lives crushed, broken, smashed to pieces, that you realise they will be living with this long after we have gone.

Assessments by Georgia's Department of Agriculture show incredible losses to the state's crops, animals and infrastructure.

Chief among storm's outcome was its blow to the poultry industry, which the department said accounts for $23.3 billion to the Georgia economy.

Georgia's $23.3 billion poultry industry was hit hard after 84 chicken houses, estimated to have held more than 2 million chickens, were destroyed.

In Lexington County, S.C., deputies went door to door to check flooded homes after water overtook large sections of a neighborhood, reported the Lexington County Sheriff's Office in a tweet.