Five things to watch: Seahawks vs. Raiders

Rookie running back Rashaad Penny still looking for his opportunity

Rookie running back Rashaad Penny still looking for his opportunity

As he does before each game during the National Football League season, KIRO Nights' own Seahawks insider, Gee Scott, breaks down the three things he is hearing from Seahawks players ahead of Sunday's Week 6 matchup in London against the Oakland Raiders. Both places are awesome, obviously the history of Wembley, and Tottenham with it being a brand new stadium and to be the first to play there. "I'm not great (traveling)", Gruden told NBC Sports. I had to fly 14 hours. I couldn't even lay down, the house was spinning. Seattle is flying east on Wednesday while Oakland will spend an extra day at home and depart Thursday, leaving time for only two walk-throughs in England before Sunday's game. I am hoping I don't get vertigo.

"It would be a great place to play, so I think that's a definite possibility for sure".

"I'll be honest with you, I hate it". Carroll and the Seahawks will play against Lynch for the first time since his brief retirement following the 2015 season, and he's not the only former Seahawk who will be on the opposing sideline on Sunday. I'm not good. I'm concerned.

"That's one thing I noticed in a big, big way last time I came in the summer was just how many Seahawks fans were here and how much energy was around us coming here and everything else", Wilson said during his Friday press conference.

"I'm excited to go over there and make some friends", Gruden said. "It's getting there, I'll say that". The Raiders will have a long trip ahead of them.