Eurostar services could stop in 'no-deal' Brexit scenario

PSNI chief constable George Hamilton

PSNI chief constable George Hamilton

The party, who are in a confidence and supply agreement to prop up Mrs May's Conservative Government, have said they are willing to vote against the government if betrayed on the Brexit deal.

First, the EU will never give a blanket pledge to deliver an end-state to the United Kingdom as beneficial as being in customs union without United Kingdom adhering to all the conditions of customs-union membership (the ones May and her government spurn, like a ban on doing free trade deals with other countries).

A number of ministers, including Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab, Environment Secretary Michael Gove and International Trade Secretary Liam Fox, were said to have raised concerns during the meeting which lasted around an hour-and-a-half.

Numerous problems are now being solved on a step by step basis "but there are, of course" several big issues which we really need to get to grips with, ' the prime minister said.

"The majority of people in Northern Ireland are looking for something quite different from what the DUP is looking for, and yet the DUP is given this platform as if it speaks for Northern Ireland". Negotiators were also sparring over whether that would cover Northern Ireland or mainland Britain as well.

The EU says a backstop must be "all-weather" and not have a specific cut-off date.

One source close to Ms McVey told the FT: "They are going to talk a lot over the weekend and consider what they will live with and what they will walk over". European Union advisers of the 27 member states staying on in the European Union after Brexit are also due to meet in Brussels that day.

The head of the Democratic Unionist Party, Arlene Foster, said May "could not in good conscience" agree to checks on goods being imported to Northern Ireland from Britain after Brexit.

The DUP has stepped up warnings to Theresa May not to bow to Brussels over the Northern Ireland border as the Prime Minister briefed senior ministers on the Brexit negotiations.

The Prime Minister is likely to face a major backlash from Eurosceptics within her party over the plans, with Leave-backing Cabinet members expected to resist such concessions.

Eurosceptics want a time limit for how long Britain will keep following the EU's customs rules before it can strike out on its own and sign independent trade agreements with new partners.

"Even in the worst-case scenario of a no deal situation".