Weinstein in court as judge mulls future of sex assault case

Weinstein wins dismissal of criminal charge for alleged sex assault

Weinstein wins dismissal of criminal charge for alleged sex assault

Weinstein's bond was set at $10 million and he is required to wear a GPS monitoring system and is only allowed to travel within NY state or CT.

The friend told prosecutors that Evans admitted she performed the sex act and during the conversation was "upset, embarrassed and shaking".

According to the letter, the detective told the witness she had no obligation to cooperate with prosecutors and "less is more".

Harvey Weinstein is set to appear before a NY judge on Thursday as his lawyers try to get charges dismissed in his criminal case.

The revelation of numerous allegations about Weinstein, beyond the three women involved in the criminal case, helped spark the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault.

A lawyer for Evans insisted that even though this charge was thrown out, her client's claims are still truthful.

Evans' attorney says the decision does not "invalidate the truth of her claims".

The woman also told the detective that sometime after Evans' office meeting with Weinstein, she had suggested what happened was consensual. The judge did not say whether he'll do that.

The 66-year-old father of five, out on a $1 million bail and forced to wear a Global Positioning System monitor, attended the latest court hearing and denies any non-consensual sexual relations.

Weinstein's lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, told the judge he believed Evans lied to the grand jury. The lawyer, Carrie Goldberg, added "People always ask why don't sexual assault survivors come forward, this is why".

The letter also said prosecutors had recently obtained an email that Evans wrote in 2015 to the man she later married.

There was no immediate response from the New York Police Department.

Weinstein's lawyer, Ben Brafman, has said in court filings that prosecutors withheld evidence that would have made the grand jury think twice about charging him, such as friendly emails one accuser sent after the alleged rape.

Five charges involving alleged sexual assaults on two women remain.

"The evidence shows that the criminal case against him is strong", the statement said.

A Manhattan judge allowed the dismissal of count six of the indictment which alleges Weinstein committed a criminal sexual act by forcing accuser Lucia Evans to perform oral sex on him back in 2004.

An attorney for Evans said she is very disappointed that the prosecution decided not to oppose the defense motion to dismiss the count.

Weinstein is free on $1 million bail and is due back in court December 20.

The New York Post, never known for its restraint, blasted out a headline just before the judge dismissed the sexual assault count, wondering if the D.A.'s case is "in danger of falling apart".

New York Police officials poured on the pressure, too, saying publicly they believed they had gathered ample evidence to make an arrest.